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Crash Replacement

Unfortunately, we are sorry to hear about the crash accident happened. But the good news is we offer our crash replacement services as a compensation for damaged garments.

Please send an email to with details and images of your beloved kits along with the original receipt or order confirmation from your purchase, and we will provide you with a 30% discount on a replacement*. You may be required to send us the damage kit to receive the replacement discount.

Please note that Himmel never encourage self harm in return for discount.

Conditions apply

  • ̇Proof of purchase must be provided. (original receipt or order confirmation)

  • ̇The age of your kit will be taken into consideration.

  • ̇Fair wear and tear is not covered.

  • ̇Discount can only be given on items order at Himmel website and full priced products.

  • ̇Discount is only valid for a replacement of a product of the same type. (e.g. a jersey for a jersey). Should your damaged kit be out of stock, the discount will apply to the most recent and available item in the current collection.

For more info on how to proceed, please contact us at

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