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Edge Skinsuit

$230.00 USD


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  • Smooth, high-stretch and breathable Italian made fabrics 

  • Long Sleeves and knee-length legs for maximum aerodynamics

  • Superior moisture evaporating and ventilation function

  • Speed-focused pro cut in one-piece race suit

  • Low cut collar design

  • Invisible zipper

  • Three rear pockets made of anti-sag material

  • High-density chamois pad for long period sitting

  • Internal silicone woven into the leg bands


The Edge Skinsuit, practically crafted for saving seconds, are suitable for crucial race days and high-paced training. Created from thoroughly selected Italian made fabrics, the resulting piece guarantees aerodynamics, breathability, and outstanding moisture wicking without compromising durability.


The speed-focused pro cut in one-piece race suit offering a ultimate skin feel, with multi-textured fabrics to ensure ventilation function and temperature regulation. Also, equipping with high-density chamois pad to provide remarkable protection mile after mile.


This advanced Edge Skinsuit boosts the riders who obsessed with speed to acquire an unparalleled aerodynamic advantage and beat the records.

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